Financial Pitfalls. exactly How did Guru Financial turned out to be?

Comprehensive 12 Months Classes :

Unit Plan

Device Assessment

In this tutorial, pupils should be able to:

  • Identify common pitfalls that are financial individuals fall under and methods to avoid them from occurring or even rebound as soon as dilemmas occur
  • Understand the role a economic adviser can play in assisting people fix their funds
  • Utilize appropriate vocabulary to spell it out individual finance administration and pitfalls



In this tutorial, pupils will be able to:

  • Identify signs and symptoms of typical forms of frauds and fraudulence
  • Understand the ever increasing prevalence of scams and fraudulence and their effect on the United States populace
  • simply Take preventative actions to protect yourself from being fully a target of frauds and/or fraud
  • Explain steps to simply just just take if you should be a target of the fraud or scam



In this course, pupils should be able to:

  • Identify different sorts of identification theft, the way they can occur, and also the effect they are able to have in your life
  • Understand trends that are current identification theft
  • Safeguard your personal information via a number of precautionary measures
  • Outline what actions to simply simply take if you should be a target of identification theft



In this course, pupils should be able to:

  • Identify different sorts of predatory lending, such as for example payday advances, car name loans, rent-to-own centers, and pawnshops
  • Explain just exactly how making use of these types of loans causes a cycle that is vicious of
  • Realize why many individuals utilize kinds of predatory financing inspite of the possible consequences that are financial



In this training, pupils should be able to:

  • Identify recommendations partners should simply simply take when designing a provided, economic life style
  • Understand the dangers and duties of supplying a loan that is personal cosigning that loan, and lending credit cards to a buddy or member of the family
  • Take protective measures to safeguard your private information and actions to simply simply take if you’re a victim of household identification theft



In this tutorial, students should be able to:

  • Know very well what the lottery is and exactly how it impacts individuals through the entire nation
  • Explain why therefore people that are many the lottery even though the likelihood of winning are particularly slim
  • Evaluate whether or otherwise not it really is worth money that is spending the lottery and exactly how else you can make use of that money in your favor
  • Identify actions lottery champions should simply simply take to best handle their winnings
  • Recognize typical signs and symptoms of lottery frauds in order to avoid being truly a target

Guru Financial

A mobile payday lending application

Guru the lender that is friendly a mobile payday financing application, assisting individuals escape these economic problems by giving all of them with tiny affordable loans and academic resources to aid boost their finances.


People require usage of credit to be able to assist pay their bills and care for their loved ones, however the normal pay day loan is inconvenient and has a tendency to keep borrowers in a period of financial obligation. With a report showing over 80% of payday advances rolled over or re-borrowed, and just 14% of borrowers really in a position to manage to spend them straight straight back, mostly because of excessive prices.


Guru could be the very first motivation driven payday financing service on the market providing an amiable option to those in need.

The borrower is rewarded with an incrementally lowered interest rate with every loan payed on time with an incentivized repayment program. As well as which makes it cheaper and available for folks to qualify and payback their loans, Guru is aimed at educating users on what they lendgreen loans review could boost their situation that is economic with content and use of academic resources.

Around 2 yrs ago, we began throwing some company tips around, mostly into the technology that is financial (FinTech). Like most team that is aspiring of, we attempted to recognize an issue or “gap” and propose an answer or substitute for the status quo. As expected and also by meaning, we pointed out that probably the most neglected area in the monetary solutions sector had been the “underbanked”. We arrived to understand quickly that for customers with small to no credit, there have been limited choices to fairly and effectively borrow cash. We looked over that which was available to you and decided that people could produce an improved item.

Our sights had been set on disrupting the payday financing sector and all sorts of its stigmas by providing an alternative that is true.


  • Effectively finished closed-loop beta test
  • 29 live users & $2500 in issuances
  • 100% rate of success on determining deliberately falsified information
  • Normal application time: 4 min. 50 moments (complete approval within ten minutes)
  • 100% rate of success bank that is linking (including community banking institutions)
  • Deals on both iOS & Android os
  • Chosen as a high 100 business for Emerge Americas Startup Showcase event
  • Winner associated with the Miami Herald 2019 business Competition

Next actions

Next steps are to effectively introduce the working platform. Although we have carried out a beta tests with 29 users while having circulated around $2,500 through the application we have been perhaps not yet go on the software store. Our company is additionally along the way of negotiating a few computer software permit possibilities with major players in this room. We come across the possibility of our application as being a white-label solution as complementary income stream.